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2. a 15 year old girl

1. Altered Fates

Samantha finds the box.

on 2005-04-01 00:35:25

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Samantha, a young not-developed 15 yearl old girl with light brown thin hair and green eyes, was walking around in the yard sale looking at the various stuff. She saw a pile of books consisting of Dune, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, other Frank Herbert books, Danielle Steel novels, Tom Clancy books, Harlequins, etc... Most of the interesting books she had already.
She went and saw some clothes for girls, boys, men and women. There was even baby clothes. She saw a box and opened it up, it included a medallion and a note. She read the note and her eyes lit up with joy. "If this medallion actually works, I could become anybody like my best friend Julia or my older sister Melissa. WoW! It would be nice to be my older sister and go out with her georgeous boyfriend, Dave." She took the box and try to find someone in charge. During her search, she though of herself as Melissa, her 18 year old sister with thick wavy light blond hair (taken from her dad's side compared to Melissa who has her maternal grandmother's hair), piercing blue eyes (mom's side) and curvy body getting into Dave's car in a short miniskrt and high heels.
She found a women in charge and asked "How much for this medallion?"
The middle-aged women said "Funny, never knew we had that must be one of Jodie's toy jewelry. You can have it for $2." Samantha paid the woman and thanked her.

Samatha thankes the woman and walked back home.
Once she returned home, she wondered who she shall become first.

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