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2. Mike Mysterioso Master Mesmeri

1. The Drafting Board

Mike Mysterioso Master Mesmerist

on 2018-03-03 21:42:43
Episode last modified by Weirdoid on 2018-05-22 03:43:27

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A tall thin man with slick black hair and a pencil thin mustache entered the dimly lit room. He wore a top hat and suit fit for a stage magician.

He goes by the stage name Mike Mysterioso. He is a master hypnotist and he uses his abilities to make a living entertaining, helping people, and well, for his own advantage. He just loves messing with people’s minds, skewing perceptions, making them act like someone or something else. It is all due to the special coin he found.

It is a small gold disc on a chain, on one side is an image of some long lost emperor, on the other an image of a double headed eagle. This coin is magic but not very powerful. It lets him hypnotize anyone, even those who do not want it. The only flaw in that however is people with strong enough wills can resist it. The changes are mostly mental. The magic can allow weak physical changes in a few days to a week, but these are changes the body could do on its own through diet, exercise, or hormonal balance. He cannot change things like bone structure or genitals with it but can give a Man tits or a woman a beard.

Still he wants to find a more powerful magic. Maybe something that can actually swap minds instead of just making people think they are each other, or one that can make a man who thinks he is a chicken actually lay eggs.

He browsed through his schedule, flipping past stage performances, hypnotherapy sessions, party entertaining, etc. Finally he realized what he had scheduled for today..

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