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Fiction Branches Staff

avatar Allison Voorhees


Member since Sat, Feb 14 2004 02:30:38

avatar Brayn


Member since Tue, Jan 6 2009 09:07:12

Writer, Gamer, Programmer.

Generally weird guy.

avatar Cork


Member since Thu, Mar 22 2007 13:34:31

Hi, I'm Cork. By day I am but a humble tour guide, but by night I am overtaken by the Orb of Boralsis, and I become one with its great mystical power. I fight for justice, and to protect those I love from the evil that tries to encapsulate us, to separate us from one another, to set friends and loved one against each other. Its name is Louis, and it must be resisted at all costs.

I am Cork, warrior of compassion, fighter for peace, writer of stories, and I am here to tell you that Louis will never win. Not while I stand. Not while I type. And certainly not while I have you to help me.

We will spend the night writing branches, pushing Louis back, word by word, we will tell of camaraderie and of struggle and of some kid named Jon who keeps turning into a girl, and we will do so until the early hours of the morning, until the first rays of the sun lick at our windows outside.

And then, once more, I will become a tour guide, and you will become you, and we will try to pretend that Fiction Branches is a mere website, and not the battleground upon which the soul of humanity is defended.

So write your stories, and be kind to one another. And if you see Louis, make sure you tell it to go to hell.



Member since Fri, Feb 2 2018 12:26:01

avatar Melody


Member since Fri, Feb 2 2018 12:33:03

avatar Mira


Member since Thu, Feb 8 2018 22:33:17



Member since Fri, Feb 2 2018 12:13:16

avatar Perri


Member since Tue, Aug 9 2016 16:13:11

Hello everyone.

I'm your friendly neighborhood gardener, cook, writers, and moderator. :3 I'm an author here and on Chyoa, I have a game or two on tfgamessite, and I have more projects up in the air than I'd care to think about.

If you're looking for a casual/novice programmer for a game, or a co-author for tf content, feel free to contact me.

Drop by the discord and say hi!

avatar Phoenix


Member since Mon, Jan 22 2018 19:32:41

Fiction Branches 3.0 developer/site admin

The Guest


Member since Sat, Feb 26 2005 04:25:16

avatar TheScienceWizard


Member since Tue, Oct 27 2015 16:43:27

Hey, its your local neighbourhood wizard of science.

If you need to contact me for whatever reason, you can hit me up on the discord, or you can find me at:

TerraTheWizard on

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