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@t_thxthx do you happen to have JavaScript disabled in your browser? If so, you will need to either enable it or clear your cookies.

By avatar Phoenix - 2024-03-30 07:32:43

On Hard returns broken

It does paragraphs for me, in your post the blank line is there... Do you have user css set up or something like that? An extension in your browser maybe?

By bigbustgazer - 2024-03-30 02:33:40

On Hard returns broken

To wit, my post was composed with and should have had a blank line between the two sentences...

By t_thxthx - 2024-03-30 02:17:11

On Hard returns broken

@Ms-Scarlett-Raven 🫶🏻, I’m hoping you didn’t miss addressed to you via comments to your story #5407718 my message 🙏.

By HDMI - 2024-03-28 15:20:50

On Family? Meeting

Will this be your only branch featuring a polyamorous relationship?

By Endless - 2024-03-27 17:42:25

On Fast Acting Magic

Mostly, with a decent amount of Roger as the new Madeline and a few check-ins with the celebs living as the Gibsons and Karyn. Since those two are the only two being switched into stars with a preexisting relationship, you can imagine they'll be spending more time together than the other three.

By Gooose - 2024-03-26 23:15:29

On The Other Contestants

@Ms-Scarlett-Raven awesome 🫶🏻, I’m hoping you will also pay your attention after this story final publishing at least to those branches (at least one or better few of them):
#5061998 and/or #240848 and/or #71237;
#4339264 and/or #4733656 and/or #43460 and/or #43457 and/or #43449;

By HDMI - 2024-03-26 18:32:17

On The Senior Field Trip

Will Jon and Karyn be the main focus of this branch?

By Endless - 2024-03-25 10:51:12

On The Other Contestants

I have some posts on other branches have a look at my profile. As for this story I am not finished yet. :)

By avatar Ms-Scarlett-Raven - 2024-03-24 16:33:16

On The Senior Field Trip

Love your writing I wonder if you're also going to do another branch thanks!

By briskicetea - 2024-03-24 01:00:34

On The Senior Field Trip

The circle only works while they're inside, but Athena's going to try and figure out something portable they can take with them. It means they'll remember the original Zelda and how things were before any other changes Esme makes this particular night, but they'll still be vulnerable when they go back to school the next day.

By Gooose - 2024-03-23 20:46:03

On Circle of Protection

So does the protection only work while they are in the circle? Or does the circle give them some temporary protection even after they leave it?

By Endless - 2024-03-23 20:13:22

On Circle of Protection

He shouldn’t know who she is though. When they wished that she was a couch that should’ve changed history and erased everyone’s memories of ever having met her, including Jon.

By lifesmainantagonist - 2024-03-22 23:45:10

On Karyn Makes Herself Heard

That's a big theme of this branch, that Stephanie, now Esme, becomes corrupted by the power she has. Going from powerless to all powerful has given her a serious head trip. She doesn't think things through, she projects her own desires on to others, she's petty, and she's getting increasingly addicted to the power in her hand.

By Gooose - 2024-03-21 20:55:37

On Building a Better In-Law

@Gooose I’d say Delinquent for Sarah or maybe even an ex student council president who has been pushed out in favor of Sayaka which would make Sayaka her rival. I’d still say Karyn be a gyaru would a good choice

By Endless - 2024-03-21 18:31:57

On Suddenly Sayaka

I agree with Christine L's comment in The McMillan Triplets: Acquisitions chapter:

"People in positions of power tend not to even notice the little people who get crushed by their actions, let alone care."

And just like Richard McMillan in that chapter, Esme is a perfect example of this.

By Archmage9885 - 2024-03-21 15:42:23

On Building a Better In-Law

Thanks ZamZam, appreciate the feedback. As to Discord, not so much. Just want to play here for the time being. No plans to post anywhere else.

By OutofPhaze - 2024-03-20 23:55:07

On Cyber Curse - Day 1-Uniforms & more

So you have already chosen who Jon becomes?

By Endless - 2024-03-20 17:57:07

On Excitement Builds

Karyn could maybe be gyaru type girl. That would be interesting to see atleast

By Endless - 2024-03-20 17:54:57

On Suddenly Sayaka

I’m curious who you would pair with Sarah. Or Karyn even

By Endless - 2024-03-20 17:48:29

On Mama's Home

this tidal wave one seems pretty interesting enjoying it so far!

By briskicetea - 2024-03-20 16:20:27

On Zoe and Sarah's Class

Nice! Thought of joining the Discord by the way?

By avatar ZamZam - 2024-03-20 04:14:59

On Cyber Curse - Day 1-Uniforms & more

I have a few ideas but I could never settle on who to have Sarah and Karyn become. Played with the idea of Sarah ending up in a Biff/Steve type but discovering the jock archetype doesn't automatically equate to popularity in Japan, and being more of a delinquent instead and lower down on the social hierarchy. Also considered making her into a hard core otaku. Not really sure at all who to have Karyn be.

By Gooose - 2024-03-19 20:21:43

On Suddenly Sayaka

Hi ZamZam, see the next episode... :-)

By OutofPhaze - 2024-03-19 18:37:15

On Cyber Curse - Day 1-Uniforms

So Jon becomes Wonder Woman? I would wonder(pun intended) how much of DC would be part of the new reality

By Endless - 2024-03-19 17:26:27

On Embracing Her Destiny

Interesting to see where this one goes if you are planning on continuing it.

By Endless - 2024-03-19 17:22:35

On Suddenly Sayaka

I’m surprised Jon is even aroused by guys at this point. Was expecting more wishes to happen before that occurred.
Hope Biff or Zeus gets subjected to more wishes from Jon

By Endless - 2024-03-19 17:13:49

On Bowling for Biff

One of my favorite branches on here. I wish this could be continued soon

By Endless - 2024-03-19 17:10:39

On Fast Acting Magic

A comment that you never said what was in those boxes...

By avatar ZamZam - 2024-03-19 00:34:56

On Cyber Curse - Day 1-Uniforms

"Jon inwardly groaned. This was supposed to be his happy world where he could do whatever he pleased. Why was the world trying to guilt him like this? He didn’t want to have to deal with a pair of depressed girls."
Quote of the branch for sure.

By Zelo - 2024-03-18 19:52:19

On Jon in an almost girls school

Should've wished for popcorn or a drink at this point lol.

"They should have the same name, just spelled differently"
Gee, thanks for the reader's convenience, Jon. :)

By Zelo - 2024-03-18 19:50:59

On Jon messes with Sarah

I'm really tempted to add to this line again, but I'll be honest I find it SOOO difficult to write for such extensive memory manipulation (mostly because it's really difficult to imagine myself in that position)

By Alojz - 2024-03-18 07:38:35

On Explanation is owed (For real this time)

I really like what you're doing here. Great storyline. Fascinating to see the effects of different magics interacting. Like Sarah stealing Linda's traits like a vacuum or black hole. Linda's becoming less "Linda" , isn't she? Well, I can't wait to see what happens next

By Mr.Big - 2024-03-18 01:59:47

On Sarah and Linda

This isn’t normally my favorite style of storyline, but I so invested now! I want to know where this story goes.

By MsQT - 2024-03-17 17:36:56

On Jon Gets a Date

They’ll be settled again within the next few chapters.

By avatar MightyMrJ - 2024-03-15 10:48:27

On DMU - the Gibsons arrive

I think the names at this point are getting a bit confusing.

By The Guest - 2024-03-15 10:13:44

On DMU - the Gibsons arrive

This is deliciously evil.

By avatar Matisguy - 2024-03-13 05:58:53

On Don't Think Too Much

Gives me an idea for something I was pondering for the 122 variation.

By The Guest - 2024-03-12 15:41:09

On DMU - Buster gets a phone call

Guest: just covered them in the next chapter

Eleanor: Thanks very much. I have also have stuff on if you’re on there if you want more of my stories. Link to my page is in my bio, always glad for any GPs on there :)

By avatar MightyMrJ - 2024-03-12 12:08:32

On DMU - Lydia and Max

I'm curious about the two dogs and how they are doing.

By The Guest - 2024-03-12 10:32:49

On DMU - Lydia and Max

Damn, your stories are very good, is there any way to support you and see more?

By Eleanor Sharmain - 2024-03-12 10:27:46

On DMU - Lydia and Max

Lots of great stuff here! Loved the whole discussion between Kyla, Zoe, and Athena, and the added twist and turns.

The whole discussion about 'within earshot' definitely makes sense. It's a good theory on how that particular aspect of the Stone's magic works. The explanation Athena comes up with in this episode, that if someone at least perceives that a wish is being made, it still counts as 'earshot' even if they didn't catch everything and only mostly lip-read, makes perfect sense. Loved that 'Eureka' moment.

Yes, this one is a long one, but it was well worth it. This might be my favorite episode of this particular variation of the McMillan Triplets/Hidden Wisher story so far.

By Christine L. - 2024-03-11 20:47:38

On Goth Alley

What if Jon and Laura went for another addition to the family?

By username - 2024-03-10 18:28:19

On DMU - Day 4 starts off well

Suddenly this story gets really interesting. It felt like a "standard" everyone becomes a bimbo but prostitute investigator Karyn is something new and I can't wait to read where it will go.

By B.Dragon - 2024-03-09 11:30:07

On Karyn Looks for Clues

Really enjoying this branch, and curious if the wisher will turn out to be an established character or someone new to the proceedings. I noticed Stephanie isn't actually among the transformed goth's in the hall, so I'm curious if we'll see her be a part of things, even if she's not the wisher herself. As an aside, I was a little surprised Kyla was onboard to help Athena and Zoe, considering she seems to like her Swim life better than her Geek one. Looking forward to more.

By Gooose - 2024-03-08 20:49:29

On Goth Alley

I had no idea this episode was going to be this long, but honestly I wanted all these ideas out there and published before moving onto whatever else. Now, I sleep.

By avatar Matisguy - 2024-03-08 07:00:42

On Goth Alley

Not to mention she’s torturing all men for something that Jon did, that she liked no less. But really it was stupid of Jon to make that wish in front of her so that she was aware of it and really it was stupid for him to tell her about the stone or even be “friends” in the first place, she was oozing with red flags in the first chapter.

By lifesmainantagonist - 2024-03-07 12:15:04

On Mean and Vindictive

This is an absolute blast and a really enjoyable ride so far! Can't wait to see where this goes and I love your personification of the stone. Seems like you have a really fun character to play with!

By avatar MaryMary - 2024-03-06 10:28:49

On OMG Jon sounds so Cute!

Is this your first post on the site? It's a promising start!

We'll watch your career with great interest!

By avatar Matisguy - 2024-03-05 14:43:04

On John is feeling Lazy

my iphone and windows computer both at the same time started on February 29, so it can’t be some browser issue (could my wireless router have a virus so everything using my wifi sees it screwed up?) but when I go to and look at old pages it looks right so that supports hypothesis it’s the site not me. But here I’m seeing a lot of asterisks and such. How did you make it bold anyway. The guide says an underscore makes it italics and asterisks make it bold but when I did it, asterisks made it italics and nothing made it bold. Well nothing shows as bold now. Just asterisks at start and end. All hard returns are gone so it’s all one unending paragraph which is especially hard when it’s a series of quotes and I can’t tell who’s saying what.

By lifesmainantagonist - 2024-03-01 22:48:47

On How To Train Your Boyfriend

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