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I really like this fun story-thread. The wishes go in surprising directions and everything feels like it is just for fun. There are (till now) no real consequences. And while I expect that will change when the heist will happen you have me hooked in this weird world you have created in just a few wishes.

By B.Dragon - 2022-08-10 07:42:53

On A wish for a jewel to steal

"I wish Jon was eating his favorite hair accessory" Somehow I doubt "eating" was the word you intended to use here.

By bigbustgazer - 2022-08-08 10:48:19

On Hair Health

I like what you’re doing here, so I hope you don’t mind if I reboot it slightly.

By Roan - 2022-08-07 13:10:25

On Jon's Wardrobe

Looking forward to seeing how this affects Jon's memories now

By yellowlines - 2022-08-03 12:30:50

On Jon continues to hang out in the steam room

Thanks, I’ve got big plans for this story, but I’d be interested to see what others think/want to add

By MightyMrJ - 2022-08-02 15:29:23

On The next morning

I know this site is titled Fiction Branches (meaning the events depicted in all the story content here are fictitious and any similarity to actual events is coincidental), but I still felt compelled to write that disclaimer at the start of this episode anyway, just in case someone wandered in and saw this out of context. I thought it best to err on the side of caution.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-31 13:58:22

On Jon finds his first class has some surprises

I like what you've set up. Can't wait to see the extent of this whole family shake up!

By avatar Mary - 2022-07-30 21:54:28

On The next morning

It's possible that a wishing coin could reverse a stone wish, or vice versa. And maybe another wishing coin could reverse another wishing coin wish. Of course, I have a few ideas in mind. Especially about what might happen when two people make seemingly mutually exclusive wishes on wishing coins at the same time.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-28 18:44:35

On A letter explaining what the Wishing Coins are

Can a wishing coin reverse a stone wish or vice versa, or a wishing coin reverse another wishing coin wish?

By Hikaru - 2022-07-28 04:23:03

On A letter explaining what the Wishing Coins are

So yes, the letter ends up being very long and taking up most of the episode's length, but there's a lot that needed to be addressed. This is mostly setup for all sorts of other possibilities, with the letter explaining the Wishing Coins being pretty much the equivalent of the letter explaining the wishing stone in the very first episode.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-27 14:28:09

On A letter explaining what the Wishing Coins are

Thanks for the upvote! I had more fun writing this episode than the expository episode that follows, because I generally like writing not just about wishes and magic, but also about the consequences of the way wishes are worded.

I also had fun giving lunchlady Enid Parkes (an extremely minor bit player in the Transformation Guns branch) a moment in the spotlight. While the students of various cliques and communities get plenty of episodes focusing on them in Fiction Branches, it's not often we give the cafeteria staff much attention.

I edited this and the other episodes a bit to refer to the new building as a Performing Arts Center, so as not to confuse it with a real life chain of music stores.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-27 14:22:06

On Lunchlady Enid Parkes makes a wish, while Starla and company learn more about the Arts Center

Working out exactly how the stone handles time travel was going to be part of the fun/central conflict of the branch from here, I imagined, so I can't really say what exactly would happen from here.

However, it's basically established by the root episode that the stone can in fact change the past, if only to make things so that a wish "had always been that way." That's a sort-of time travel aspect that's always been there, sending magic itself backwards in time to make changes, and Zelda recognized that right away here. So of COURSE the first thing she does with this knowledge is try to abuse it, right?

By avatar Matisguy - 2022-07-26 02:50:23

On Zelda's Tachyonic Antitelephone

She's supposed to be Zelda Whitefield. This is an old episode back from when I was vaguely aware Zelda existed but I didn't actually know her last name yet.

By avatar Matisguy - 2022-07-26 02:45:13

On Athena, Later that Day

I had a power failure TWICE while working on this episode. Fortunately, I saved most of it to text. And it allowed me more time to revise things I wasn't satisfied with. I greatly shortened Samantha's recap of what happened, and worked in some more material with Rachel and the transformed Richard McMillan.

So, yeah. The moral of this episode is: Don't use some weird transformation ray on your boss, or you'll not only get fired but get stuck in some form different than the one you started out with. :)

By Christine L. - 2022-07-25 19:33:03

On Ryan and Samantha finally open the locker

I'm trying to figure out how time travel is supposed to work here. What Zelda's saying makes a certain amount of sense, in that the stone was still capable of telling them all this information about the death bubble and its origin, even though it was currently several light years out of the stone's range.

However, if the wish she makes at the end of the episode comes true, then things would be different. If all of them knew yesterday what they did today, they wouldn't have the same conversation that led to the wish being made. Unless you go for the 'branching timelines' theory of time travel. I'm thinking of adding something here addressing that and the possible consequences of that.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-25 19:09:35

On Zelda's Tachyonic Antitelephone

"Athena DeVries exhaled a puff of air through her nose in that way one does when stumbling across something mildly funny on the internet." I'll admit I've done that a number of times myself.

Just wondering: Is Zelda Lorentz supposed to be Zelda Whitefield (Zoe and Athena's cybergoth friend from other branches), or is she a different Zelda introduced in this particular branch?

By Christine L. - 2022-07-25 18:55:53

On Athena, Later that Day

These days the word 'hero' is an accepted term for a heroic person of any gender. But I suppose the old wizard here is used to it being a gender-specific term.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-25 11:59:00

On Go inside and get it!

Seeing Jon totally regressed, even for a few minutes, made me think that a scenario of an adult baby totally permanently regressed might be an interesting addition to this story. Maybe not with Jon nor Trevor, cause I think the essence of them both living in this sorta intermediary world of being a teenage boy and yet sometimes going full baby mode, I think this duality really suits their character development.

But, like, in the same way that Trevor is taking advantage of his new mother, maybe a new character might appear in this story. Maybe one of Jon's female school friends from his old life might appear in the kindergarten as "the new baby", but she – unlike Jon and Trevor – doesn't know anything is wrong, she acts like a little baby and truly believes it. I think it would be fun the idea of Jon "taking advantage" and being naughty with her, it's not fair that Trevor and Biff are the only ones here having some fun with their new lives. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Maybe, to make this more of a "Jon thing", the new baby might be the child of some of Biff's work friends, to give Jon and her some privacy, I don't know... some situation excluding Trevor, so that Jon and his new friend might have some fun alone all by themselves. Maybe some other mom at Biff's work brings her daughter to a child play date at Biff's house?

Anyway, again thank you very much for writing this story I'm loving to read it, I come here every day looking for new chapters. And honestly, at this point, I already consider it one of the best ABDL stories I read on the internet on all these years. I like it because most stories end up being heavily pornographic and neglect other elements of the story, but yours, there are obviously erotic elements, but you don't go overboard, and you know to measure hints of arousing scenes, without making it to sound "that dirty", if that makes any sense. Like when Trevor was having an erection while exploring his mom's body and you described how in the same scene a part of his mind was afraid of him being a bad baby and making his mommy angry.

This duality and fine-tuned between erotism and innocence I think you really nailed it.

By whitepantyhose9x - 2022-07-25 04:35:05

On Biff arrives at Karyns

Nice seeing Jon getting frustrated and being forced to communicate through the most basic words ever ◕‿◕ More scenes of frustration and Jon, getting embarrassed, please !

By whitepantyhose9x - 2022-07-24 04:23:17

On Jon tries to talk to Karyn

I updated the newspaper story in this branch to the headline that did appear in April of 2020.

By The Guest - 2022-07-23 10:30:27

On 2020

Interesting reading an episode set in 2020 but written years before then. :)

By Christine L. - 2022-07-22 02:51:14

On Missing Person

I have been reading a lot on this artificial intelligence art creation, images and videos and visual depictions – very interesting subject by the way, DALL-E, and deep learning and so on, and this scene you described of this teenage boy being breastfeed in the middle of the mall, I wish I am alive in the day that machines will be able to create a visual depiction of this scene you so beautifully described. A beautifully arousing moment.

Not only that but... the contrast you created, I mean Sharon was like "oh, I will cover my boobs because I don't want some horny perv erection-driven man, maybe even an erection-driven teenage boy staring at my breasts" and this is honestly brilliant to me. Like, she covered her boobs, probably indicating that she is more of a traditional inclined woman, as I understand some more modern women nowadays don't cover her breast while breastfeeding, but not Sharon.. meanwhile... well there is a "fucking perv erection-driven teenage boy" trapped in the life of her daughter who is not only staring at her boobs but actually touching and breastfeeding out of it while gets a violent erection.

And Sharon can't even imagine what she is doing, like she is inadvertently and by no fault of her own doing things that people in our real reality would only do in porn movies or in the privacy of their own bedroom and SHE IS DOING THOSE THINGS IN PUBLIC!

The shear absurdity of this new reality, the contrast between a scene that for anyone who isn't under this freakish spell would sound absurd and freak, for those people who are under such spell it is just..... normal, just a mommy nursing her baby, as innocent as it can get.

Well done, well done.

By whitepantyhose9x - 2022-07-22 01:54:25

On Sharon bumps into Biff

I couldn't resist this one, a way of working in one of the new additions to the Lake Point High School cast I introduced in another branch into this one. This wish seems like one someone like Starla Stanfield would seem likely to make. And of course while this wish will certainly have its consequences infrastructure wise (parking is likely to be a problem given the school's new neighbor), there's still plenty of potential for more wish mischief here.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-22 01:26:34

On Starla Stanfield, from the drama club

I'm enjoying seeing Jon sorta humiliation, it would be nice more scenarios of Biff forcing Jon to act as the baby that he is now

By whitepantyhose9x - 2022-07-21 21:27:31

On Karyn brings Jon home

>In his old life Jon and Karyn had both been aware of a certain unspoken sexual tension between them. On Karyns side that was replaced with parental love for Jon but Jon still had enough self awareness to notice that he was sitting right next to Karyn's boobs

I find it amazing this sort of weird "love triangle" between two teenage boys trapped in the life of two females and an actual female, well done on exploring this idea.

By whitepantyhose9x - 2022-07-21 12:13:41

On Biff's Sexual Tension

Christmas came earlier :)

By whitepantyhose9x - 2022-07-20 20:02:01

On Biff's Sexual Tension

I thought of putting a meta-comment in the dialogue about how the day's been so long it feels like it's lasted eleven years, but I couldn't get it to work organically. In any case, I think it's clear by now that the story is about to move beyond Day One, which has lasted quite a while. I have a few ideas as to how to move the Transformation Guns story on to the next day, but first I have to do more with MTI. More to come later.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-19 18:02:40

On Nicole finally hears back from Sarah


By Coco - 2022-07-18 16:23:12

On Femdom - Mommy

The more wild changes are mostly listed for humor/to leave room for others to go in different directions. The planned path I have is for this season to get the rare triple exchange where all six contestants are paired up in some way, with the first two being a classic body swap. I'm thinking of having Sabrina and Biff exchange social groups, basically Biff becoming a goth and Sabrina becoming a jock. For Leonard and Sarah it might be something like a transformation that necessitates them working together in some way, like turning them into siblings or something.

By Gooose - 2022-07-18 04:17:51

On Jon Makes the First Spin

Looking forward to how you handle the other exchanges. I'm also curious to see if the temporary Gibson family will be able to recognize that the other members are also people who's identities were taken by Jon's family.

By Gooose - 2022-07-16 20:23:48

On Bethany

Really like where this is going! I love the frantic pace and how Jen is immediately thrust into a 'mom' situation. Can't wait to see more episodes!

By avatar Mary - 2022-07-16 17:20:22

On A different take on Zoe's wish

Nicole's flashbacks are both from earlier episodes in this branch. This episode's a bit lengthy with people telling each other what happened elsewhere and thus being full of recaps, but it's to set up what I have planned as a followup, where we'll finally get back to Sarah and Karyn and find out what's been taking them so long.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-15 19:51:34

On Jay and Kyla tell each other what's going on

Is this episode the earliest appearance of both Steve "The Stud" Farber and Nicole Tiller? Looks like it predates the previously reported first mention of Steve Farber.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-15 00:18:40

On Follow Jon

Thought it would add a dynamic spice to the fun

By StrangeDaze - 2022-07-10 17:50:52

On Minor Tiff Between Lovers

Like your direction also. Hadn't thought about making mom and dad competitive.

By Lucus Rose - 2022-07-10 14:15:10

On Minor Tiff Between Lovers

Karyn totally bullshitting here claiming her kids will just have the ears and tails and grandchildren maybe not even that, after wishing they would be infectious for life. She’d infect the kids and also the father fully and all her descendants will be as much cat as she is, right? Is the point that she’s lying or did the writer get criminally forgetful? Hard to tell.

By Thisisnota Realname - 2022-07-09 21:07:50

On Karyn and Sarah, friends forever

This episode may set a new Fiction Branches record for most transformations in a single episode. I"d like to add that I usually like to give transformations more room to breathe, but in this case I felt an exception was necessary. It made sense given the unpredictable nature of the Random Gun, and where the story was going in general.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-09 20:29:05

On Random Gun transformation craziness ensues

Great opening! Can't wait to see where it goes, bring on the synth, big hair, and neon colors!

By avatar Mary - 2022-07-09 19:05:27

On The Band

This storyline seems pretty interesting.

By whitepantyhose9x - 2022-07-07 03:01:33

On Roger becomes a 12-year-old mean girl

Well, I figured it was a good compromise between the two. So, if you were literally acting, and playing older, you might make your hair look white. In movies, they might use prosthetics. So, this is magical acting. So, Linda isn't going to become a carbon copy of Leonard...but she has to look the role. Zoe has probably changed the least, because she's able to pull off the role, with her outfit, of a more mature woman. Although I'd imagine she will be able to avoid killing any of her patients.

By The Guest - 2022-07-07 00:48:14

On Surprise Visit

I'd like to add as a disclaimer that the views of Nadine Ferguson do not reflect the views of the author. It's just that Nadine comes from a very strict religious background that views any magic outside the scope of its teachings as 'black magic' or 'evil', whether it is or not. So this naturally leads her to clashes with Athena. In many branches, she serves as the 'foil' to Athena (with Athena being the member of the Goth community with an interest in magical items and stuff associated with witches, spells, and so on).

So of course with her very limited world view, she views just about all magic outside of baptism to be wicked.

Melony Tyne, meanwhile, is usually a nice person who tries to be friendly with people. So she probably shows more patience with Nadine than many of the other characters in this branch would.

Much of this chapter (aside from the end) is basically told from Nadine's viewpoint, so she doesn't know what happened at the Principal's office earlier in the story. She hasn't heard about the Babe Gun and its effects yet, so she doesn't know how Nicole and Melissa became more attractive, nor does she recognize Chris Morgan. And she certainly doesn't know the delirious girl is Steve Farber.

I say this just for the benefit of those who stumbled in and hadn't read the episodes leading up to this one yet.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-07 00:20:14

On Nadine finally comes to a decision

Just taking a break from my usual branches to check back in on this amusing premise. I'm surprised someone else didn't use this trope in this context.

Well, I mention several different possibilities as to how this one could turn out. Feel free to use any of them, and come up with more I didn't think of.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-07 00:06:17

On Tomboy and Girly Girl

Special thanks to Cork for suggesting the names for Athena's pendants.

This episode is a bit of a 'rest and examine the situation' sort of episode, a kind of a breather to answer a few questions. Before, of course, we get back to more twists and turns, and transformations, and other developments in various places.

By Christine L. - 2022-07-05 22:37:08

On Everyone pauses to rest and chat a bit

I like this take with the more drastic transformations to accommodate their acting. I'm curious to see what Leonard thinks of becoming Linda and particularly interested in Jon gaining the physicality of an Olympian while she loses it. Good stuff!

By Gooose - 2022-07-05 16:08:10

On Surprise Visit

Glad you're back ◕‿◕

By whitepantyhose9x - 2022-07-05 13:34:09

On Ladies room

Well yeah... but Karyn isn't thinking about them. The media has told her that all men like huge boobs, and the last week made... a very big impression on her. She'd have a hard time believing a straight guy that told her he likes flat chested women because to Karyn liked being into big boobs so much she would have trouble understanding not liking big boobs... even though at this point in the story she doesn't.

By bigbustgazer - 2022-07-05 01:37:45

On Karyn's Desire

They're not pregnant because of Karyn's wish earlier, before the second change, it was worded such that it would apply no matter which way around they had sex that they could only get conceive together if they both consciously wanted to. Back in this chapter, before any sex, “I wish that Jon and I would not be fertile together unless we both consciously decide we want to be.”

Nope, I'm male and cis. I do pee with morning wood by leaning against the wall behind the toilet, mostly because it gets me an angle where I can aim down far enough without discomfort. Jon's reactions are based at least partly on imaging myself it his place.

Men and women are still physically different, hormone levels stay different after the change, so aside from having boobs men still have a mostly male body shape, aside from their pelvis. Men would still also have a lower healthy body fat %, and fat deposit patterns would still be different for men and women. So men wouldn't have quite as much curve, generally bulkier waists and so men's waist to hip ratio would still be different from women's on average. Remember, up until people turn 18ish at the youngest, mostly older, they develop as they would without the change, and post change men get boobs, and just skeletal changes to their hips, and even there probably not as much as one might expect. The top part doesn't really need to get wider, just the bottom to pass a baby's head.

Men still have much higher testosterone levels than women, with all the effects that has on psychology. Women still have much higher estrogen levels. The change causes what triggers breast development to change, and other things, probably it created new hormones to keep systems working in both men and women, I'm not a biologist so I don't know what would be needed to make this work.

I didn't go into more detail in the story because it was already WAY to info-dumpy, but yeah, any change to men's anatomy, imagine it's the least it can be to make pregnancy almost as reliable as it is for women. Probably men are more likely to need a C-section since they're more likely to not have room.

I very intentionally constructed to change such that gender identities would be able to remain since I thought anything that erased all separation would probably be a bit much for most people to handle, and well because I wanted them to remain.

I also think that even if there weren't easy ways to tell men and women apart anymore people would cling to their previous identity.

In other words, yes, effectively anyone over 25 is the same sex but gender identity would almost certainly remain, as would sexual orientation based on what sex people were born... or in some cases changed appearance to.

By bigbustgazer - 2022-07-05 01:14:55

On Breakfast, Existential Dread, and Love

I guess you can read it that way. I did intend to be that she really is just super into boobs and isn't attracted to the rest of a woman's body, she's into Jon's body more than just his boobs.

By bigbustgazer - 2022-07-05 00:45:40

On Dining, Philosophy, Reality, and Sex

Nope, I've read some of it a long time ago... but that's not where this came from.

The shift to one arousal or the other happens well before orgasm. The physical responses are different since they involve different body parts, and well it triggers different desires.

Female orgasms do actually last slightly longer than male ones on average, as measured by having people masturbate hooked up to machines. I don't recall the exact method, if it was measured with neural activity or based on how long the body kept doing the associated muscle contractions, but there was actually a study. Meaning that yes male and female orgasms are different.

In this world, no you can't have two different orgasms at once, because long before that your body would have picked a "mode".

By bigbustgazer - 2022-07-05 00:42:53

On The Other Change

don’t get me wrong though, I am not putting down your story, it was deeply engaging and a very interesting plot, it just seemed to have some things that stood out as mighty strange. It was a good story, it just had a few details that didn’t sit right and didn’t seem thought through enough.

By Thisisnota Realname - 2022-07-04 23:32:50

On Breakfast, Existential Dread, and Love

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