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Alrighty, thanks a bunch! This introduced me to lots of fun storylines, and I’m glad to see that people are enjoying my stuff.

By Enjeubleu - 2021-05-13 13:51:01

On Storylines worth continuing

I'm actually a big fan of both where you've been taking Mandatory MILF and Sarah Simulator. For Simulator I think you've done a bang up job in painting the image of someone trapped in that specific kind of video game as that specific avatar, and am mostly curious where you're taking it since its hard to conceptualize where it goes next (which I suppose is part of the problem!) after Jon escapes the menu.

For Mandatory MILF I just love the whole unique scenario and everything that's come from it. I'd suggest either following up with the Boss route and wishing for the next step after becoming a CEO, wishing or driving to an office setting to properly leverage the behavior compulsions. Or following up on the living clothes branch where the clothes have been granted communication, playing off of the new character there and how their intentions differ from Jon's even though he's responsible for them having them.

By jcjace - 2021-05-12 22:03:51

On Storylines worth continuing

Speculating on how social media is effected by the stone's magic and the range limitation is something that only occasionally comes up in in Fiction Branches. Some others have similarly noted that people's social media accounts wouldn't change when people are changed by the stone, so I thought I'd do this little take on that premise here. A lot has changed online since Fiction Branches and You Are What You WIsh began, and more recent episodes reflect such changes.

By Christine L. - 2021-05-10 17:03:16

On Think things over, check things out, and see what's different before making any further changes

I'm happy to have others build off of anything I do.

By thisguy10101 - 2021-05-09 22:01:04

On Storylines worth continuing

A lot of my stories were intended to be continued by others. I tend to get burnt out continuing to write upon my own ideas or I just have too many of them that I can never decide on one. Honestly, I might come back to them if someone continued them.

By K1110n - 2021-05-08 12:48:42

On Storylines worth continuing

To be honest, I might have to branch out of it. I wanted to give it a try, but it has hurt my characters way too much and introduced elements I didn't really want at the start

By Chompy - 2021-05-08 04:12:03

On They can't solve it

Sorry I put you in a bad situation. Thank you for incorporating it in the storyline though.

By Catprog - 2021-05-08 03:33:59

On They can't solve it

Most of my stories were posted a long time ago, but how about this?

By Hikaru - 2021-05-08 02:24:18

On Storylines worth continuing

Sure it would. Just faster. The situation looked impossible to me. I didn't want to invoke time travel so early but I didn't see anything I could write in response without trapping my characters:(

By Chompy - 2021-05-08 01:59:49

On They can't solve it

Well I do want to see these continued or for cat girls

By Catprog - 2021-05-07 17:25:03

On Storylines worth continuing

So if the tree sent her forward a couple of hours then the sun never actually set right?

By Catprog - 2021-05-07 17:02:28

On They can't solve it

I’ve had writers block. If you ever wanted to add to anything of mine

By Switchchick - 2021-05-07 11:15:56

On Storylines worth continuing

The wording is very precise.

The sun has to set not night time arrives.

By Catprog - 2021-05-06 18:28:59

On Elsewhere

I wrote one there's other stuff but he does grow boobs.

And there's also this one

By bigbustgazer - 2021-04-28 23:05:17

On Jon growing boobs

Love this story line

By Darkangel - 2021-04-27 16:57:02

On Reaching a Deal

I'm glad. Lol I felt like it was walking the line between mockingly ironic and eye rolling pun, but went for it.

By avatar Perri - 2021-04-26 11:15:08

On A Clean Start

i really like the last name you gave her lol

By Beta - 2021-04-26 10:14:49

On A Clean Start

I love the direction this one is going :3

By doclock - 2021-04-25 21:44:14

On Monday

thumbs up

By Beta - 2021-04-25 09:20:29

On Going Down & Waking Up

While I think I'll still use the setting and character in my other chapter, I like the pacing of you branch much more. I also got some ideas. Thanks for the add.

By avatar Perri - 2021-04-25 09:11:46

On Going Down & Waking Up

Thanks. tbh. I have nothing planned. I had a mental image of a particular small town I'd passed through before, and I wanted to set the stage with some delinquent getting on the bad side of P&R.

By avatar Perri - 2021-04-23 23:26:18

On The Delinquent

Pretty original intro. I'm looking forward to w/e you had planned :)

By Beta - 2021-04-23 22:15:19

On The Delinquent

thanks. Was hoping other people would post more on it to and it branch out a bit from just my own ideas though.

By Beta - 2021-04-23 00:24:09

On The rest of the work week

Thanks, thought both of the two storyline templates you started seemed really interesting, and very well detailed and thought out I'm really enjoying the P&R thread

By avatar VeronicaZ - 2021-04-23 00:12:23

On The rest of the work week

really loving that youre running with this. you're taking this in a more interesting place then i could. c:

By Beta - 2021-04-23 00:05:07

On The rest of the work week

I love the idea of coming to work wanting to complain but being stuck saying you're happy and love your job. I can just imagine them passing them over for a promotion since they are so insistent on being happy/content with their job.

By Beta - 2021-04-22 01:59:18

On the rest of the work day

Excelent template story. And for some reason i was thinking in a asian girl right from the start lol.

By Goryu - 2021-04-21 22:41:16

On Michelle

Oooh interested in where this is going!

By Beta - 2021-04-21 06:49:24

On Mike.


Sure if you wanted. I left it vague so people had space to do what they wanted on it. I try to set concepts with a good base, but leave it open enough for people to explore.

By Beta - 2021-04-21 06:12:07

On Prosperity & Redevelopment

Would punishment include non human roles?

By Catprog - 2021-04-21 05:44:08

On Prosperity & Redevelopment

Thank you, I will take it into consideration

By Lorena Sanches - 2021-04-20 12:21:41

On Finding karyn

Jesus, that's brutal.

By avatar M3t3r0x - 2021-04-20 07:27:52

On Karyn can't be the voice of reason

Why did you put a picture of a girl with brown hair?

By Bunnie - 2021-04-18 19:59:08

On The computer - Redhead

zozo got got

By avatar TheScienceWizard - 2021-04-16 15:07:12

On Jon's mom comes in

ooh, fun

By avatar TheScienceWizard - 2021-04-16 14:10:52

On Cursed clothing store

You have the pronouns all over the place - Karyn is she and her unless you are going to change her sex too? Only Plays use that Name: Dialogue format, it is enough to use a more natural prose format

By Great Sage - 2021-04-13 12:04:43

On Finding karyn

i love this hope you keep going

By Beta - 2021-04-12 23:34:40

On Jon's got that dancing fever

thanks for adding

By thisguy10101 - 2021-04-09 23:45:02

On Waking up to something different

Thanks for adding

By thisguy10101 - 2021-04-09 23:44:43

On They can both do it!

I really like your work

By thisguy10101 - 2021-04-09 23:44:20

On Jon finds Mom's present

Pfff. Just realized I changed Jake’s name halfway through the episode. Fixed it now, but I can’t believe it took me so long to catch that.

By Enjeubleu - 2021-04-09 10:27:02

On Because he needs to get something!

I am intrigued.

By MrScade - 2021-04-09 05:53:08

On Sarah Simulator

Oh ho, and so this perverted journey begins anew. I'm very excited for this.

By avatar Mira - 2021-04-09 03:05:02

On The calm...

This kind of part swapping I can really really get behind. I like this a lot. I wonder what else they will try adding to him. And I wonder how long he will keep those B-cups. Also what happens if he wears clothes incorrectly. Like say, putting a bra or shirt on backwards. Or wearing clothing that has been modified. Like having other things sewn into them like extra sleeves, or bra cups.

By avatar Mira - 2021-04-08 03:04:15

On Trying store bought clothes


By avatar Mr Nice Guy - 2021-04-07 23:20:27

On Slave Store: Wake Up Linda

This is an interesting concept, and I really like the way you wrote it from Linda’s perspective. Nice work!

By Enjeubleu - 2021-04-06 02:14:12

On Slave Store: Wake Up Linda

Not too much experience writing in it myself, but I think it’d work really well with this storyline.

By Enjeubleu - 2021-04-05 15:57:00

On A Big-Ass Problem

@Enjeubleu what do you think about changing the narration to first person pov?

By Alojz - 2021-04-05 12:35:08

On A Big-Ass Problem

I don't suppose it is going to take the wish literally?

By Catprog - 2021-04-04 03:42:08

On Stopping the chasers

Excellent choice.

By Alojz - 2021-03-31 12:54:10

On A Big-Ass Problem

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