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Tagging system

We have a new system for tagging episodes!

Authors can now assigns tags when writing new episodes, and add/remove tags on existing episodes. Just click "Modify your episode" at the top of an episode you own.

Readers can filter by tags in Recent Episodes, or perform more advanced queries using Search.

As always, if you run into any issues or have any questions, come visit us on the Discord!

- Phoenix (2023-04-06)

New site setting

I've added a new option in account settings (accessible by clicking your name in the top right corner when logged in).

At the very bottom, you can now choose a body text width. This is the maximum screen/window width at which episode text will be displayed.

FB 3.0 originally did not constrain width, then a user suggested 540px, which I implemented, and then other users wanted wider, so I have included options for 540, 900, and 1600, and just unconstrained, for anyone with a monitor wider than 1600.

You'll also notice that account settings has been overhauled to be a bit more streamlined to use.

- Phoenix (2020-02-01)

New notification system

Starting now, you can get notified whenever someone writes a comment on an episode you wrote, or whenever someone adds a new child episode to an episode you wrote.

Notifications can be delivered on-site and/or by email. By default, all users are opted in to on-site notifications and out of email notifications. You can change this on your account settings page.

If you would like to receive other kinds of notifications, or have any issues or suggestions with the site at all, head on over to our Discord server and let me know!

- Phoenix (2018-10-05)

Fiction Branches now has comments on episodes!

To comment on an episode, use the Add comment link at the bottom of the episode page. You can also use the Jump to comments link at the top of the episode page.

If you see a comment that is blatantly offensive or that you feel needs to be moderated, use the Flag link on the comment to report it to staff.

- Phoenix (2018-06-14)

The provider of our server has scheduled a short outage on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 between 10pm and midnight Eastern time. The outage should only be for about 20 minutes, but during this time, this server will be unavailable.

- Allison Voorhees (2018-05-19)

It appears that is no longer redirecting to Unfortunately, we do not own or control that domain, so there's not really anything I can do about it.

If you have links bookmarked, you should be able to replace with and get redirected to the correct page with a new URL.

If you have a link that still doesn't work, let me know on the Discord and I'll see what I can do.

- Phoenix (2018-05-14)

If you had a Fiction Branches account before August 7, 2017 and wish to reclaim your old episodes under your new account, please ask about account merging on our Discord server.

- Phoenix (2018-02-05)

Welcome back! Fiction Branches is officially back online and fully operational!

- Phoenix (2018-02-02)

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